Watermark Science Core competencies include:


Our Consortium of Creativity™ group of partners currently covers medical education, market research, e-strategy, production/sampling/packaging, media strategy and placement (professional and consumer), web design, and exhibit development.
To all our clients, all of these functions are seamlessly handled through a single contact point at Watermark Science.

The Watermark Science Branding Workshops:

A one or two day series of interactive exercises designed to stimulate ideas, opinions, and consensus- creating the visual and emotional DNA threat that is carried throughout every aspect of your brand life cycle.

Watermark Science can create iconography and color mapping that
sets you apart from others in your category- giving you the visual
advantage you need to establish your Brand Genetics and the
flexibility to evolve your brand.

Whether rejuvenating an established brand or bringing a new molecule to market, we can help you every step of the way. With vast product launch experience, unmatched marketing wisdom, and clear thinking, Watermark Science can move your brand in the right direction.